Same degree, different perspectives.


Business minded: Kyle French hopes to break into the horse racing industry.

The horse racing industry is fast becoming an online business, and something that Kyle French hopes to be a valuable contributor to. By combining his vast knowledge of the sport with Media and Communications (Journalism) and Commerce degrees, Kyle hopes to be able to apply his skills in the competitive sporting market.

 “I’d like to be able to think more critically about it rather than it just being a hobby.”

Kyle considers his studies at the University of Wollongong as a chance to develop his business skills and writing style, and in turn learn more about himself. His current work on is beneficial to many horse racing enthusiasts and a good indication of where Kyle’s talents are likely to take him.


“I just want to be happy” – Ellena Gewargis.

After spending ten minutes with Ellena Gewargis, it is clear that she is intent on making the most out of her university experience. She considers the social aspects of university to be important in developing interpersonal skills, and keeps her focused by giving her time out from her studies.

Although she has no career aspirations as of yet, a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing will surely enable a career path that will compliment her evidently creative and thoughtful disposition.



Gaming has had a positive impact on Eloise Neto.

With her sights set squarely on the world of gaming, Eloise Neto knows that her future lies in joining fiction with reality, in entertainment reporting. Her studies in Media and Communications (Journalism) enable her to consider the wider impact of entertainment media on consumers, which she feels is imperative in delivering insightful gaming articles.

Currently working in a video and game store, Eloise often provides information to parents, who are at times unaware of certain themes explored within the games that their children are playing.  She also uses social media to publish her ideas, particularly in her blog Gaming 101.


About stephaniebentley

Current student at University of Wollongong studying Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Science.
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One Response to Same degree, different perspectives.

  1. ellygamer101 says:

    Each picture is very Amazing and Well Done. I like all the different angles you took and how well you placed the people in their positions. You have also placed good links and captions. Great Work!

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